Munchkin Market

a HUGE consignment sale of gently

used children’s items.

Munchkin Market Consignor Tips & Rules:

These are basic tips to keep in mind as you prepare for Munchkin Market.  If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Munchkin Market Co-Coordinators, Amily Beidelman-Almy and KaraLee Johnston at

Each Sale: make sure all of the data in your Registration Information is correct.  All communication, including the generation of your check, will draw from this information.

Items need to be in appropriate condition for resale; clean and of good quality (without tears, stains, broken or missing pieces, etc)


    • Children’s clothes, shoes, and accessories, sizes 0-juniors 15-17. All clothing must be gently-used, freshly laundered and wrinkle free.

    • Maternity clothes, nursing bras and tops.

    • Children’s equipment- strollers, pack n plays, high chairs, booster seats, exersaucers, play mats, swings, bouncers, monitors etc.

    • Children’s toys, stuffed animals, books, wooden puzzles, videos, cd’s and dvd’s (G or PG only)

    • Children’s accessories- diaper bags, slings and carriers, grocery cart seat covers, feeding items, breast feeding and pumping supplies, baby-proofing items, gates, infant bath tubs, boppys etc.

    • Children’s décor- bedding, picture frames, mobiles, lamps, rugs, laundry hampers etc.

    • Children’s furniture- Cribs (manufactured after June 28, 2011), Book shelves, toy boxes, toddler beds, Rockers/Gliders, etc.

    • Out Door play Equipment- Ride-On Toys, sand box, water tables, play houses, bikes, bike helmets etc.

    • Toys should be in working order, batteries included and listing of missing parts.

    • Car Seats must have the completed "Car Seat Questionnaire" with them to be sold, see below for more details.


    • Clothing with stains, holes, pilled, missing buttons, broken zippers, over-worn condition, or unpleasant odors, including cigarette smoke.

    • Poor condition or dirty items

    • Adult clothing or shoes

    • Movies rated PG-13 or higher

    • Mature rated games

    • Any crib manufactured prior to June 28, 2011, can no longer be sold or donated per the regulations from CPSC; refer to “General questions for new crib standards” document.

    • Items that have been recalled or which contains high levels of lead toxins. Please check the Consumer Product Safety Commission  for recalled toys and items.


Before you start tagging you must check all your sale items against the CPSC recall list. If any of your items are on the recall list, they ARE NOT to be brought to the sale. When you register online you will sign a Seller’s Agreement that specifically states you have checked the recall list and are not bringing any recalled items.

Entering Items into Inventory:

  • Gather and sort your items. Sort your clothing by gender and size.

  • The maximum number of items you may register in our online system is 425.

  • To begin creating tags, click on "Work with Consigned Inventory", then click on "Active Inventory PC/Laptop Version".

    • Fill in the information on the item you are entering into your inventory.

      • “Category”: scroll down to find the category you need.

      • "Size”: where appropriate: scroll down to find the exact size you need. 

      • “Description Line 1”: enter information about the item you are selling. 

        • Specifics may seem unnecessary however items do get separated from their tags.  Having a more detailed item description may help us to match a missing item to the tag so it can be sold.

      • “Price/Qty”:  enter price & quantity.  Enter number of these items you have.

        • Remember to price your items in $0.50 increments.

        • Note sure what to price it at: A good thought is what price would you pay?

        • To improve the quantity of what you sell and make the best use of your time and supplies we recommend that you group smaller priced items together for a higher price. I.e. group 4 onesies together or a bag of 4 books for $2.  

        • When considering your price also consider selling it for at least 30% of the original store retail price.

      • “Check to Discount”: All items will be discounted on Saturday, to help the cashiers on Saturday, please check the discount box unless you plan to pick the item up on Friday night.

      • “Check to Donate”: If you would like to donate your item if it doesn't sell, click in the donate box. 

      • “Submit Item”:  click after each item

  • Once you have finished entering your items and creating your inventory, it's time to print those tags! Click “Return to Inventory Menu” after you have entered your inventory. This takes you back to the “Consignor Inventory Menu”

    • Select either “Print all tags” or “Print selected tags”.

      • “Print all tags” will show a sheet of your tags ready to print.

      • “Print selected tags” will show you what has been printed or not and you can check mark what you want.

    • Make sure your printer is set to a normal print setting, NOT the highest quality setting.This will cause barcodes to print too dark or smear.You may ONLY print your tags on white paper.

      • Please print a test page to see how your printer works. If tags print too dark or look blurry, they will not scan! Please go back and adjust your printer settings and reprint those tags.

      • Tags will print 10 per a page.

      • It is helpful to print to PDF to view the tags before printing.

      • *Tagging Tip: We are finding that tags need to be printed via Internet Explorer browser.  Firefox/Mozilla is altering the print and may not be working with the checkout scanners at the Munchkin Market Sale.

  • Any changes to your inventory regarding price and/or information; print a new tag.If you accidentally delete an item after the tag has already been printed, the item will not show up in your inventory for the sale.Please re-enter the information to your inventory and print a new tag.


Car Seat/Crib Selling

  • Car seats must be within 3 ½ years of manufacture.  All car seats must be accompanied by a completed “Car Seat Questionnaire” form.  This form MUST be attached to the car seat in order for the seat to be sold.

  • Spring 2021:  Any car seats with manufacture date prior to October 2017 will not be accepted.  The State of Colorado recommends car seats be destroyed or recycled after 5 years of use due to material breakdowns accelerated by our altitude.

  • Any crib manufactured prior to June 28, 2011 cannot be sold or donated.


Merchandise Information

  • When selecting your items to sell please keep in mind the higher the quality the better it sells.

  • Items “in-season” tends to sell best. Ex: Spring sale, be sure to bring your light jackets, swim suits, shorts, jumpers, and other spring and summer outdoor toys.

  • Items that are clean sell better!  Wipe down plastic items, wash clothes that have been stored, and dust off items that have been untouched really does help them sell more quickly.

  • There should be no stains or holes in clothing or broken toys, such items will be pulled from the sales floor at our discretion. At the end of the sale it is your responsibility to look through the pulled item bin, anything left behind will go to charities.

  • **Be sure that your toys are in working condition-Include batteries and a note of what is working or not and list any missing pieces**.

  • For safety reasons, baby food and formula will not be accepted for sale.

  • Bundle items together (gender specific or similar topic) to make them more desirable.  Creating an outfit rather than selling each item separately make it more appealing.  Bundling books or bundling similar toys are a great idea.  Use rubber bands, safety pins, blue painters tape or zip-lock bags as appropriate.  Bundle them in such a way as to allow all items to be seen (so that items are not overlooked for fear of stains, tears, etc.).

  • Tags should be affixed to items in a way that does not damage the item, cover size, or other product information when possible. Do not use staples or straight pins or paper clips. (See policies)


Below is a general guidance of pricing for random items.  Prices will vary depending on quality and brand.  Please price as you see fit.


Preemie to 12mo.:      $.50 to $2.00

12 - 24 mo. Pants       $.50 to $3.00                          

12 - 24 mo. Shirt        $.50 to $1.50

2T - 4T T-Shirt            $.50 to $2.00                          

2T - 4T Pants             $.50 to $3.00

Size 7-8 Shoes          $1.00 to $5.00

5T coat                      $4.00 to $10.00

Toys                           Always 50% or less of new price; most ranging 15% to 30%

Stroller                       $2.00 (umbrella) to $40.00 (single jogger)

Bouncy Seat              $5.00 to $20.00                      

Baby Swing               $10.00 to $30.00

Small Bike                 $5.00 to $20.00

4 bottles/cups           $2.00 to $7.00

Breast Pump             $20.00 to $90.00

Maternity Top            $2.00 to $7.00;

Maternity Dress        $5.00 to $15.00;

Maternity Pants         $3.00 to $10.00

Cribs                         $40.00 to $200.00 (more for certain types & include mattresses in great shape)

Crib Bedding Set      $8.00 to $30.00;

Crib Sheet                 $1.00 to $5.00

Twin Comforter         $5.00 to $20.00

Baby Backpack        $20.00 to $50.00        

Sling/Front Carrier     $10.00 to $20.00

Helpful Hints to Tagging:

Tags should ONLY be printed on white paper.  Do NOT use: Sticky labels or Colored paper

Use a safety pin or tagging gun to secure the tag to clothing, in the manufacture tag or seam. 

Do NOT use: Straight pins, Staples or Paper Clips.



Each item must have a securely attached tag. If you are using a tag gun, please insert the needle in a seam or in the clothing’s tag. If you are using safety pins we recommend you find a place on the clothing not in a prominent spot. Both can create holes in clothing and there is nothing more disappointing than getting home to realize the shirt you liked most has a big hole on the front breast. Therefore, please attach the tag with the safety pin or tagging gun to the manufacture tag or seam of each clothing item. 

Please button, snap, or zip ALL clothes. Try to group small items together.

ONESIES AND BIBS: If you would like to sell onesies as a group, just pin them all together at each shoulder and tag on the front onesie. Same with bibs, just use a large safety pin to group them together.

SOCKS: Put in a Ziploc bag but not stuffed to the brim so that all socks can be inspected easily. Or sell as sets pinned together with a safety pin.

SHOES: The cleaner they are, the better they will sell. Tie shoes together with CABLE TIES or packaged in a clear Ziploc type bag . Pin tag to cable tie or laces or taped to the bag..


Clean, clean, clean all toys, equipment, strollers, high chairs, etc. If an item of yours is dirty, it may not sell.

Use tape to secure tag to item. 

Make sure all items with batteries are working. (A good place to find inexpensive batteries is at a Dollar Store.)

Toys that have small parts should be bagged together and attached with tape or ziptie to the larger item.

Board games, puzzles and other boxed items should be sealed with masking tape or blue painters tape (not package tape, which tears the box).  Please ensure ALL pieces are included with any items that you sell.  

Idea for puzzle pieces is to secure in a large Ziploc bag and tape to the back. Please do not tape puzzle pieces down or place barcodes on the face of the puzzle. It will tear off the picture!


We often get A LOT of books. Unless they are well known sought after books or series we recommend you group books together for 1 set price or price very low.  You can secure with rubber bands or string, or you can put them inside a Ziploc bag and tape shut. PLEASE LIST ALL BOOKS TO BE SOLD TOGETHER ON THE TAG

CDs, DVDs, etc:

Please make sure that the correct item is in the correct case. Please check the back of your DVD's for scratches and cleanliness! Tape shut and add consignor tag to back of case with tape.


Price to Sell! Please try not to overprice your items. We realize how much they mean to you, but this is a resale event. Most prices should be at least 1/3 of the retail price.


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